I want to change the world…

It’s probably something we’ve all said at some point.

This is EXACTLY why I want to be a doctor. I want to help people who suffer. If I even save ONE life, that is one less grieving family that day. I want to help people. Today, I helped a man in the supermarket (okay sure I nearly knocked myself out because I hit my head off a trolley when I picked something up) and it made me feel really frickin’ good. Even if it’s one good deed a day you’re adding one more little bit of positivity into the world.

I’m not going to lie. I can be a very negative person. It’s one of the main reasons my relationship ended. And that was one of the main reasons that caused me to wake up and start to improve my personality and become kinder and more positive. One more positive and kind person in the world is one less negative jerk in the world. And if I can help you make that change then that is my job done.

This is why I’m going to work hard to achieve the grades I need to become a doctor. There are thousands of people out there that deserve to be a doctor and a place at Med School and I want to be one of those people. Dreaming is all well and good, but working hard will be the only way that this will happen. You want to be seen as a good, kind person? Do good deeds. You want to be a writer? Practice and work hard. Your dream will only come true if you work to make it a reality. I know a blog post won’t change the world – people will. So I challenge anyone reading this to do one good deed or say something positive this week to try and pass on the positivity and the idea of working hard to other people. If my message only reaches a few people, I will be so happy that I’ve helped in some way.

Love, Little Darling Daydream xoxo


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