Why my friends are the best!

I have a fantastic circle of friends who somehow put up with my craziness and accept my level of psycho and savagery.  I love them so much and I wouldn’t be able to function without them, especially Midnight. She’s my ride or die. My sister from a different mister. These girls are one (of many) reasons why I choose sisters before misters. (One reason being that I have huge trust issues and all of the boys at my school are un-datable)

My friends are the best because no matter what I go through, good or bad, they will be there for me and support me. They’ve been there for me when I was at my lowest and there when I’ve been at my best. We all reciprocate each other’s love and we understand each other.

My friends are the best because they accept me for who I am. I could be around them in pyjamas or the nicest outfit ever, they won’t judge me and we’d still have an amazing time.

My friends are the best because they are so damn honest! I have confidence that they would never say a bare faced lie to me, and be so honest. Midnight is like me, she keeps it real, so we have a good understanding.

My friends are the best for all of the reasons above and more, cause you know… we don’t like the same people and we’re all up on that Wi-Fi. (People get freaked out when Midnight and I give each other signals in class, can’t think why?)

Why are your friends the best? Tell me in the comments!

Love from, Little Darling Daydreamer xoxo


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