Life hacks list #5 – What to do if your NYR has already flopped

With New Year comes a lot of unrealistic expectations, meaning resolutions that are immensely hard to achieve. Because people expect you to achieve them instantly. But lets be real.

New year, same bitch.

So instead of being unmotivated because you suddenly haven’t transformed, here’s what you can do:

  1. SET SMALL, REALISTIC GOALS – While setting a NYR, it’s important to remember that it will often take time and you won’t change instantly. For example, if you want to start eating healthier and getting fit, slowly increase workload, even if you only start by working out only once a week. Then, as you get used to it, start going twice a week. By starting small, you are helping your body get accustomed to your new lifestyle and you are one step closer!
  2. DON’T BE DISHEARTENED – It is SO important to remember that when you are trying to change for the better, it will be hard and there will certainly be days where it is even harder and you seem to be reverting back to your “old self”. Humans are very habitual beings and it will be extremely difficult to change from one way of living to another. It takes approximately 91 days to form a lifestyle, but even so, you must put in the work to get to that way of living.
  3. FOCUS ON ONE THING AT A TIME – A lot of people go all out when it comes to NYRs, convincing themselves that they will instantly become an amazing human being who eats clean, works out, can tolerate everyone and updates their carrier settings on their iPhone the moment the little notification thing pops up. And for those people out there… somewhere… you are simply a better person than me. See, when I set NYRs, I see it more as a few things I want to improve over the year. So I might want to be kinder, more patient (never gonna happen) or more mature. And to do this I would actively think about it in my everyday life, looking at a situation and wondering how I could be mature, etc. Reflection is key.

I know that isn’t many, but I feel like I might end up repeating myself. Have you kept your NYR? Let me know in the comments, or tweet me at @QueenGeek294 or simply search A Dream On A Page. Have a nice life!

Love, Queen Geek xoxo

PS. Yes!! I’ve changed my name! I feel like this name for me is huge as the initials make up my two personas, one being my personal, private one and the other being my public one, Queen Geek.


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