2017 – Year Of New Beginnings

I know! I’ve already done so many new years blog posts already! Please don’t worry – the next post will be my January Favourites, which I will let you know when it comes out on my twitter: @QueenGeek294 . It’s a relatively new page and I would love if you threw me a follow, you’ll get all of my latest updates about the blog and can make your own suggestions while you’re there.

Now I’ve finished with the self promo…

I’ve decided to make 2017 my year of new beginnings. And while I don’t like to jump on the “New year, New me” bandwagon I do want this year to be all about self improvement and trying new things. So less “new me” and more “better me”. I’m on my way to a healthier, fitter, kinder me. I know that sounds very cliché but I have the faith in myself that I can do it. It’s all about dedication, patience and willpower. I’ve already started my path to eating cleaner, and if you would like, I can do a post on different tips and tricks on how to  get fit and eat clean. The key is to start small. I’m not going to go into too much detail as that will likely be a blog post in the future and I don’t want to repeat myself. Also, I’ve started going to a weekly aerobic training session with one of my bet friends. It’s best to start small and I certainly plan on increasing the number of activities I go to.

If you’ve read any of my old blog posts, you’ll know that I aim to be kind to everyone. I won’t lie, I find this especially hard considering some of the circumstances. But nevertheless, isn’t it better to be known as a kind person who’s there for people as opposed to a stuck up bitch?

What is your 2017 all about? Let me know in the comments! Don’t have an account? It’s easy! Just click “sign up” and you can comment to your heart’s content! Don’t want to make an account? Tweet at me @QueenGeek294

Love from Queen Geek xoxo


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