My Night Time Skincare Routine 2017

Skin is your first line of defence, like your primary shield from the world.

I have a short, simple skin routine to prevent applying to many products to my skin, which prevents pore blockage, therefore preventing acne. Obviously, anyone with a single hormone in their body will know that clear skin is a holy grail, that not everyone can have. However, it is still important to make sure your skin stays clean and supplied with the right nutrients to keep it healthy. My morning skincare routine is similar to my night time routine, only shorter so I will not be doing a post for that.

Neutrogena Spot Clearing Facial Wash

I don’t use this every night, as overuse causes me to break out really bad so I use it every 2-3 nights when I wash my hair. This works really well for me as it’s gentle and doesn’t dry out my skin.

Step 1: Facial Wipes for combination skin

I don’t really use a particular brand for my wipes, because the generic supermarket ones that I buy are cheaper and they work for my skin well. They do their job, they get my makeup off and they don’t give me spots so ’tis all good. There isn’t really much I can say about them.

Step 2: Tea Tree Skincare Facial Cleansing Pads

I generally use this between my use of the facial wash, and this is also used every 2-3 days. The pads pick up any left over makeup that my wipes may have missed and it smells amazing. I know smell isn’t what to go by when you purchase products but its menthol scent is perfectly refreshing, and so is the sensation it leaves on your skin.

I first use the rougher side of the pad to loosen any makeup left on my skin using circular motions, and then I use the smooth side to swipe over my  face.

Step 3: Tea Tree Skincare Cleanser and Toner

BEFORE I GO ON… DISCLAIMER: This is by no means sponsored, I’m nowhere near important enough for that!

The cleanser and toner is so refreshing and is very efficient in evening out my skin tone and is perfect for cooling your face down after a long day, especially now the days are warmer over here in the UK.

This is applied by putting some on a cotton pad and moving it over my face in gentle circular motions, taking extra care around the eye area. I then repeat this but instead of using circular motions I gently swipe it over my face.

Step 4: Tea Tree Micellar Water

The ultimate cool down. I kid you not. This would be perfect to apply before applying aloe vera gel to sunburnt areas but really deeply cleans your face in general. Its cooling effect is amazing because it really cools you down and in the mornings wakes you up.

I apply this by putting some on a cotton pad and gently swiping over my face and neck.

Step 5: Clean & Clear Spot Control Treatment Gel

I used to be extremely sceptical towards spot treatments, but after just a few uses of this my spots have been under control and my skin has been decently clear. It takes a few nightly uses for any major changes to be noticed but it certainly reduces the blemishes and gets rid of them completely.

I apply this directly to the spot/problem areas of the skin and rub it in.

Step 6: Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil-Free Moisturiser

This was the first ever moisturiser I used back when I was 11 and three years later I am still loving it. It keeps your skin from drying without a slimy sensation and does a great job at evening out skin tone. It’s cooling and really does its job well.

I just put a small blob on my hands, rub them together and then carefully massage it into my face.

Face Masks:

As it shouldn’t be, face masks are not a part of my daily skin routine, it is more so in my weekly. I never used to be a fan of masks solely because I didn’t enjoy the sensation they left on my skin. Recently, however, I have been trying out various ones, and currently I am using a charcoal clay mask once a week and it is doing wonders on my skin. It is leaving it super soft and glowing.

That’s all for today, and you can bet on my next post being a May Favourites. I haven’t done a favourites post since January, and if you want to check that out it is in the featured section of the blog. It’ll be a long post because I have a lot to talk about!

~ Gina ~


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